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say goodbye to your old technology. welcome to life on fios. ♪ >> , local, late breaking, this is wbal tv 11 news said nan. >> good afternoon, welcome to 11 news at noon. we begin with breaking news out of anne arundel counties. police chief james tier is retiring effective as of april 1. a no-confidence vote was taken on him after he was charged with misusing his police security detail to facilitate romantic and counters with the county employee and to run personal cap -- arabs. he is being criminally investigated regarding those allocations. the state prosecutors' allegations says in light of his
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retirement, the state is closing its preliminary investigation. our office believes the rebels -- this resolution is in the best interest of the citizens about are counted. -- to the citizens of anne arundel county. for background information to the investigation, go to our website, the city board of estimates says mayor stephan runs bullock will extend the contract of the fire chief. as a five-year deal but gives him a 5% pay raise over the next five years. a mayor's office as the fire chief deserves the praise because of his strong record including a recent drop in fire fatalities. members of the rank-and-file are outraged as it comes in the same with two city fire companies were shut down to close a budget gap with a third set to close this fall >> this is a slap in the face to every man and woman in the baltimore
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city fire department. how could you possibly accept a raise when you told your members that there are no races. how can you yourself accept a raise? >> council president voted against the contract extension. the baltimore city firefighter is behind bars deceptive and charged with running a prostitution ring out of a city where house. jennifer franciotti explains. >>jamar simmons has been a member of the fire department since 2002 body was arrested and charged a similar prostitution case and managed to keep his job. police and fbi agents raided his headquarters at this warehouse in southwest baltimore monday. >> we found handguns and ammunition by small amount of marijuana and various documents that would suggest an online prostitution and human trafficking operation being conducted from the location.
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>> detectives have been investigating since since november of last year. a cyber-step led them to the website. an informant told police that simmons and his partner had three-six girls working as prostitutes in a given time either at the warehouse or at various hotels in the baltimore area. this is not the first time that simmons and his partner have been in trouble with the law. both men were arrested after raging prostitution with an undercover detective two years ago. simmons was given probation before judgment and a fine. the fire department spokesperson explained why he kept his job with the baltimore city fire department after that case. >> a member of our department would have to be -- the judicial system would have to have entered a guilty plea.
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if that's not the case, we don't get into pbj. that is how we proceed with our penalties. >> simmons had been suspended without pay pending the outcome of this investigation >> another baltimore city police officer has been sentenced for his role at a towing company kickback scheme documented by team.1 news i tibe accident factums were referred to a majestic automobile towing. -- accident victims were referred to majestic, built telling. the owners of several baltimore city liquor stores have been invited to a planning department meeting this evening to discuss a comprehensive re-zoning of their establishment. liquor sales want to be phased out in residential areas.
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a study found that violent crime clusters are run neighborhood liquor stores. the zoning change would affect more than 100 stores. store owners believe they are being used as scapegoats for the city's crime problems. >> people that are robbed in that environment, it will not change. because there is no liquor store. to pinpoint a liquor store as being the problem for people's bad behavior is wrong. >> the city's planning director says the change will be introduced to the city council this fall and it will be phased in over two years. >> we have some clouds in the area today but there is some son, to with no rain nearby. temperatures are rising. that is normal for this time of year. it is already 84 at the airport and humidity is down to 44%.
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the twins are 6 miles per hour. it is 88 degrees downtown. lower humidity and unseasonably warm temperatures will make for pleasant conditions. yesterday the isolated showers popped up and we will find out what happens in the rest of the forecast. >> under maryland law, your car could simply disappear and be sold out from under your nose. tonight at 11, we expose blossom says a license to steal. here's a preview -- >> from -- some local car owners say they had no intention of selling their vehicles but that did not matter. this woman's car disappeared from a street near her home. she discovered that they sold it. >> i never signed over my car. you cannot sell this on a person's signature for a car that does not belong to them.
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>> their car was sold, too. >> i cried because we put everything into that car. we didn't pay a lot by lot for us. >> how come the cars be sold when there was no title corporate ownership? tonight at 11, will reveal a maryland law that gives people a license to steal and shows you what happens when we approach the neighbor. >> coming up next, a train derails and explodes in ohio today. we will have an optimum massive chemical blaze. a woman is viciously attacked during a jog through a park.
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beep-bop-boop-bop boop-beep. [monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today. >> dozens of people in ohio have been evacuated from their homes after a freight train derailed and exploded. we brought to this story. the train was calling on an agricultural chemicals derailed near the ohio state fair grounds in columbus early this morning. two people were injured and are being treated at a hospital and there is no word on exactly what is burning or why the train left the tracks. a washington state woman is
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recovering after being attacked by a group of raccoons and a city park. she was jogging with her dog at a park in liquid when her dog got loose and started chasing recommends. she says the raccoon's not occur to the ground and attacked her for more than 30 seconds before her dog was able to scare them away. she is undergoing medical treatments including antibiotic injections and rabies shots. the middle school teacher and southern california is recovering today after he led police on a wild chase los angeles police said the 51-year- old refused to stop when officers tried to pull him over tuesday. he ended up flipping his truck and it went over an embankment and crashed into a porch creek isn't a hospital and police say he is wanted on suspicion of child abuse allegations. involving a 16-year-old girl. still to come -- and ice cold drink may help you pull down and we will tell you where you can get one for free today.
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>> we have some clouds moving across the area but all the rain is to the south so far it is a nice day and we will see what happens in the forecast. the beaches crowd at ocean city. the rate is offshore and there is a breeze coming off the water. that is holding the temperature down. here are the current conditions -- for years and years we had to put up with cable.
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>> a major celebration for a convenience store giant -- today, july 11, is the anniversary of 711, 50 years.
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they are planning to give rate thousands of slurpee's from 11:00 -- from 11:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m.. it is not a better deal for their 85th birthday. millions of direct tv subscribers are seeing fewer of their channels today. after midnight, that works on by viacom were no longer available on direct tv. it is a dispute over carrier fees and that works like comedy central, mtv and nickelodeon are off. it is not clear if or when you can see the viacom networks again. if you could see a new scam in your in box today, a funny e- mail that looks like it is from an airline but it is sent from on line thieves looking to steal your personal information. and book flights under don. >> there are hundreds of them.
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>> they sent me another one of them up on e-mails that appear to come from american airlines but there's another one. a preferred seat order. >> is clogging up the travel experts in bought them when you click through on these things, the site you go to looks just like american. but he is not alone. american, delta and u.s. airways of all been centered in a rash of fraudulent e-mails. >> this is the first time i have seen a bunch of them related to air travel. >> the most common e-mail received is for a preferred seat order but clicking on the link provided can cost a bundle them up if they get your loyalty #and your password, for credit card is already in there, at least i do and many people do, they can start booking tickets that ar. >> they typically book flights for the next day before anyone can catch on.
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computer security experts warn that before clicking on anything suspicious, check it out first th. >> if it rings true, go to the real website. just call. >> now, your instaweather plus forecast -- >> a quick check of the radar with nothing going on. we have a few scattered clouds. a pound to the south is where the rain is. -- down to the south is where the rain is. we will show you what our computer shows. north of the city and up into pennsylvania, it was generally less than an inch of rain but
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closer to d.c., they have one-2 inches of rain. it was isolated thunder sure -- thunder shower activity. nothing down this way. something isolated could crop up today. pollen count is fairly low for tree pollen. grass and weeds are low so the total is not bad. things are pretty quiet in that regard. 83 degrees in annapolis. they are getting a breeze off the ocean. that is holding temperatures in the 70's. frederick is 86 degrees and '70s in the mountains. pretty big storms out over the atlantic ocean. and there are some new storms developing in the carolinas. the clouds have scattered
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overall. the type that don't produce any rain are there right now. the significant rain will be down all of a stalled front to the south. high pressure is pushing in from the north and that will produce drier air. it is more urgent yesterday that it is today. something isolated could pop bottle and a chance for that would be off to our west. we see rain activity showing all the trends for the reign of to our south. partly cloudy today, isolated showers possible, small chance, mostly to the west of frederick, high temperature today 84-89 degrees with a slight southeast wind and the bay is 5-10 knots, our future cast shows a slight chance for rain to the west and also tomorrow and into friday. on friday, we will see more activity pushed in from the west
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and that will be weather system. our forecast includes grain chances for the weekend. until then, we are essentially dry with temperatures in the upper 80's. 90 bus by the weekend and it will be little more -- a little bit more humid. >> kicking the habit could come with a not so nice side effect. the amount of weight smokers gain the year after they quit is higher than originally thought. it is between 8-11 pounds. ssmokers say weight gain is the reason why they don't quit. modest weight gain is better than spoken and most smokers lose the weight within a few years. doctors are concerned there are not enough resources for the millions of elderly adults projected to have mental health problems which is a growing issue. depression, dementia-related behavior and said the track -- and psychiatric problems affect the elderly and these conditions could lead to drug abuse.
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the new report is calling for medicare and medicaid to cover mental health programs for elderly adults. it calls for doctors and nurses to be trained on the signs and symptoms of geriatric mental health conditions and drug abuse. a growing number of active-duty troops are being hospitalized for mental health disorders. experts say it may be a positive trend. >> repeated long deployment and prolonged combat stress take their toll. this air force veteran says ptsd was overwhelming. in 2006 he tried to take his own life that when i came home, i had no family, no friends, didn't have a job. >> i was afraid to go out and talk to people. i was afraid that i bother them. i stayed inside. >> this commander had inpatient mental health care at naval
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medical center san diego. he says the national trend that is what he saw and san diego but it may be more troops are getting help them up my hope is that this is a good thing. ande got the awareness out patients are more apt to come in for help and there is less fear of a negative impact that the commander says coming in early can improve the success of treatment. despite the stigma, careers have been saved. >> our ultimate goal is fitness for duty. her first goal is to do all we can do to have that patient be functional member in command. >> this plan is healthy and leads a group that helps other veterans and says awareness is keep the. >> the public is starting to see the symptoms and recognized them. when they see the symptoms of somebody, then they finally take
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that step and get the help they need need >> coming up next, your maryland lottery pick 3 and pick 4 numbers and they another check of the forecast. first, a look at how wall street is performing at this hour, stay with us.
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>> tonight, anne arundel police
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chief is on his way out and how this morning's shocking announcement ties in with the investigation into the embattled county executive's job. most lawmakers count cameras as vital to public safety but one city is getting rid of most of theirs and why police in west mr. said they do more harm than good. the gold medal designer, the man behind this year's usa olympic swim suit, those stories and more at 11 news at 5 and now you're maryland lottery pick three and pick 4 numbers. ♪ >> i am from 98 rock and your pick 3 numbers for today are -- 4 followed by a 7 in the middle and your phone number for the pick 3 game is a 9 make your pick 3 members 479. four new scratch of caves are available at a lottery retailer
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near you. a top prize is $100,000. bob diamond will check that your pick 4 game. your numbers are -- 5 followed by, that is - a 6 as printed on the ball in the next number is a 5 ander final number is a 1. the pick 4 numbers for today are 5651. the maryland lottery, let yourself play about let's look at the forecast that a partly cloudy right now and the rain chances pretty slim. >> they will most likely the rest of us and we will be in the mid and upper 80's today and tomorrow and closer to 90 on saturday and sunday an increase timidity by the weekend. >> thank you, john and thank you for joining us.
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